Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Inspirational Inspiring Posting By Denis Oakley

I was kinda blushing when i found my name amongst his Top-10 list of inspiring people for 2010. It was like err...some lifetime achievement award like that.

Click here to read about it--> TheSlowGingerBreadMan

Here was what he said about me (drum roll please?)

I am honestly not going from Slowest to fastest here – I just happened to read Stupe’s awesome write up of the Eco -X Challenge. It has to be one of the best race reports ever for giving you a feeling of what it was like to race. Dad, Optimist, Father, Triathlete and all round sorted guy. Always a pleasure to race with

Thanks Denis, You are an inspiration too. When i first saw you at the kindie you were planning to send your kiddo to, i knew i might had bumped into you somewhere. Then i saw Senay, and that sort of confirmed it (Aileen saw her during IM 09 Langkawi and remembers her). So, yes. It was a short 1 year plus that i know you and yes, you are an inspiring inspiration yourself!

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