Thursday, July 01, 2010

Special Edition - Project 365 : Day 35.5 of 365

Day 35.5 of 365
Special Edition : Double Rainbow
I was standing at the office balcony to check the traffic when i noticed a faint rainbow peeking out from the sky. Then, the evening sun came out in all it's glory while it was still drizzling and i saw a double rainbow - a whole full half circle of it. Can't contain my excitement, i came back to the office and asked when was the last they saw a double rainbow! Armed with only an iPhone in my hand and a apps that could stitch all of them together, i present to you, a very special 35.5 day Edition of Project 365. Enjoy!
Tools: iPhone 3Gs. ISO125. F2.8. 1/120. In Awe.