Saturday, July 17, 2010

Project 365 : Day 51 of 365

Ready To Fast?
Seeing the amount of cookies and items for sale in anticipation of the coming Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month), I felt a bit festivity as well. Being a Malaysian that grew up in a predominately Malay community (Ulu Kelang) and went to school where my circle of friends made up from all races, and then some (unclassified, too young, not sure "what" they are), I have always taught my two kids to be color blind. I do not think they know what is a Malay, Chinese or Indian yet and i do not know how long more i could protect them from knowing. In fact, my son, Ryan, says he is from Africa (as he can point to me all Seven Continents). With the fasting month coming, that would meant the crazy training regime (in sense of timing) will start too! I so look forward to all these and the rewarding lemang and rendang in September!
Tools: iPhone 3Gs.

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