Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eco-X : Boss Has Spoken

Message from the Race Director

Dear Race participants,

When the Eco X Series 2010 was over and everyone was safe and accounted for, the sense of relief I had was the most I have ever felt in 9 years of race organizing! This year's adventure race, I believe, had the most arduous conditions I ever worked in for any race or outdoor event in Malaysia.

At one point the gale force winds were gusting at an estimated 30 knots. There were marshals holding on to the canopies at Batu Dam, feeling all four legs of the canopy being lifted off the ground! Their sheer determination was the only thing preventing the tents from flying off. Scaffolding tumbled down around them as they were being lashed by torrential rain, like a scene in a disaster movie.

On the mountain biking section, the streams which could be easily ridden across became raging torrents with chest high water. Marshals and participants courageously helped everyone to safety. "We had an adventure race too!" yelled the mountain bikers as they rode triumphantly back to base camp.

The jungle trek at Gua Damai became a huge, slippery mud fest. Adventure racers staggered out of the jungle looking like Chinese coal miners rescued from a pit collapse! They were literally covered head to toe in mud. Even their faces were plastered so the only clean bit was their teeth and eye balls!

And the race went on through it all (except for a few teams who were stopped on the lake due to lightning danger). Racers and marshals alike were drenched and shivering, but with everyone's spirit burning brightly, that was what warmed my heart as I went around the race course. Not one person even thought of abandoning their post. Racers put the competition aside and just focused on helping each other out. The camaraderie, selflessness and dedication to duty from everyone on the race course was tremendous and something incredible to behold.

As a race director, every year I try to create an adventure race by putting together various disciplines and types of terrain. I organize logistics, information and many other details to create a event that runs well. But what I realized that day was that I could never create the amazing human spirit that I saw burning brightly that day. That is something that every racer, every marshal and volunteer brings to the event, and that spirit is what truly creates any adventure race.

It is merely my honor and privilege to have the best job in the world, where I get to witness the race that you guys bring to me. The Eco X Series 2010 was an outstanding success, and I humbly thank each and every one of you for that.

Race photos
The race photos will be up by the end of this week. Our photography partners are still sorting though some 5000 photos! It's an endurance race for them right now!

To view images and download free.
1. Go to
2. Look for the "Events" Tab
3. Use "Photo Browser" to select image category (Start, Bike, Cave etc)
4. Click on the photo that you like & right click on your mouse to download it FOC with the watermark to your computer.

To purchase images
1. Register yourself at
2. Go back to
3. Choose your images by "Add to cart"
4. Checkout by clicking "Cart"

5. Buy images by "Purchase item(s)" and follow the online payment procedure

The pictures are very affordable! So get yourself the real thing.

Race results

Download the full race results at
Race Video

Yuen-Li and the Nomad Team. 

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