Monday, July 05, 2010

Project 365 : Day 39 of 365

Day 39 of 365
The above is not an accident scene, rather a place where old motorbikes are dumped. I see it as a "Motorcycle Graveyard". I also wondered who had the time to bring these machines and dumped it there like it is not worth a single sen anymore. I am sure there are a lot of parts that can be salvaged and be re-used, but because our society do not and have not seen extreme poverty for a long long time, all of us take simple things in life for granted. I for one is a big fan of sustainability and it was evidence that i am still having the bicycle i bought more than 17 years ago in service. So, look around you, perhaps, there are some old items that you might give a fresh breathe of life?
Tools: Panasonic DMC-FT2. ISO100. F3.3. 1/30

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