Thursday, July 08, 2010

Project 365 : Day 42 of 365

Signed Up
I was priviledged enough to take a peek at DailyMuscle.Com Body Transformation Camp today at a secret location in Klang Valley. What i saw got me excited and motivated as well. Men and Women of all ages, in their quest to a healthier body and mind takes instruction from two very experienced trainers whom success and motivations are itself an inspiration. I saw them sweat, pushed and thrived throughout the whole hour to better themselves. It was only the second class but the commitment, akin to them signing up for this Body Transformation Camp, is evident enough that they will make it and be proud of themselves when they finally transformed into healthier individuals and inspires other.
Tools: D90+55-200. ISO400. F5.6. 1/60. Motivated.

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