Sunday, July 18, 2010

Siemens Run 2010 : Reflection

Good run this morning. My second outing running with wifey side by side. It was a 10km run through the usual weekend double-hill at Bukit Tunku and the other 40% portion to be at Jalan Raja Laut and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, U-turning at Jalan Raja Amar (where the infamous Lorong Haji Taib is).

I woke up at 5.30am this morning, knowing very well it will be another struggle with my current blood level which is still not back to normal after almost 1 year. I've been told to go for a check many times, but for me, the diagnosis is not as important as the rest that i need and the medication that i should be taking.

I am currently back to be taking Sangion - a heamatic medication. I am also watching everything i eat and observing all tell tale sign. But that is only that much i could do. I find myself looking at my palm every morning - hoping it will be rosy red and not pale pink. On days it is red, i felt more energetic.

This morning, it was somewhat red, but still pinkish. Show must go on.

Drove down to KL and parked at RSC. Got to be the shortest walk ever for any race i've entered that starts off in Dataran Merdeka. Being a member of RSC does have it's little perks.

The race was to flag off at 7.30am and we were at Dataran by 6:45am. Time to mingle with friends and make new ones. I saw KA and his family, Teng and Wifey and then, AJ, Julie, Nik, Hin Toong, Nizz, Lili, Alaudin, Bo, Wendy, Dicky and many others.

The race was organised by TwentyFirst Century Sports and rightfully like how Shazly would say "This is how a proper organizer, ORGANIZE a proper race.." I can't agree more.

The MC did a really good job to explain that two fully equipped ambulance from Pantai Hospital was in standby. Infact, throughout my 10km run, i noticed there was five instances the ambulance passed me...I know i was looking bad, but they really don't have to make it look that obvious.

I started to have heart palpilation again by KM5. That was when i saw Mac. Mac ran with me and Aileen for about 3km before Aileen started picking up speed and i tried very hard to follow her. I think with proper training regime, she will be a pretty good runner. It might be in her gene, just that she did not know it.

I know wifey were giving me a lecture as we ran the last 4km together. I am usually alert but i missed Denis Oakley whom was doing the usual 20km and coming back from his run. That was a sign i was really zoning out, in a bad way (you see, when you zone out in races, it could meant you are actually zoning into your race mentally).

The rest of the way was really about putting a foot infront of each other. I think it is hard to believe that myself, someone that has been doing this almost for a good eight years, are struggling for the second time.

For all it's worth, wifey was there looking after me and constantly turn her head back to check if i am ok. 

One more week to PD Tri - am i ready? I guess the real answer is yes - but i might actually give Desaru a miss this year if my situation do not improve. And that is a sad thing, really.

Here are some photos from the race. More of these in my Facebook Album, which i set to "everyone" in the privacy section.


  1. Bro,

    thanks for the pics...i'm the guy with the stroller..hehehe :)
    been looking around for some pics..
    can i take ur pic for my fb wall..
    will credit to ur blog then..hihihi

  2. Bro, by all mean. Please email me at opstupe at gmail dot com so i can send you the full resolution minus the watermark.