Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coffee Tea or Ayak?

Adorable. Nadia was playing "masak-masak" and was serving me "drinks". It is such joy to see the kids growing up. I took half day today (Friday) to go and settle some issues with the bank loans and was home by 3:15pm. I think today's early dismissal from work was a break i really needed.

I was bogged with meetings the whole morning. I was giving presentation in the morning as the office HSSE lead to 5 new colleagues and immediately after that, i was in a meeting with two client from Japan. I was in the meeting with another colleague (senior management, VP level) and found myself getting very excited as i think i simply love meeting people. Infact, i made the effort to quickly "customise" a presentation within 5 minutes and presented the whole company's capability. Looked like i still has it!

There after, i had to finish up amending two technical paper for a last minute technical review with another MNC client on Monday afternoon. The wonderful thing of working in a MNC with 45000 people is that there will not be short of talent. I sent an SOS out Thursday evening and got the help (the review of the technical documentation) within the next 8 hours. Spent the next 3 hours responding to the comments and brushing it up and was sent out to client as promised.

Then, drove home happy knowing i have my work cleared (I was super-stressed the day before) and even happier when the loans were all sorted out. Then the cream (or rather, the best part of the evening) was when Nadia served me drinks.


  1. Dear OP Stupe,
    I happened to browse around your blog and was pleasantly surprised mhmp77 is featured in your blog-roll (no idea since when, June 2010?)

    Been following your postings but not commented before. Will continue to do so. More so now.

    Thanks buddy,
    kaykuala aka OP Hank G60-64

  2. OP Hank Sir,
    Thank you for dropping by. I can't recall when as well, but i think it's way earlier actually. :)

    My blog entry is nothing compared to yours where it challenge the mind. My blog are more incoherent that it is relevant ;-)

    Thank you again and i hope we cross path again in any OPA function.