Sunday, July 25, 2010

PD Tri 2010 Report

"Are you ok?", Julie asked. That was the last thing i remembered at KM4.5 on the run course as i bumped into her and AJ.

I was overwhelmed and i broke down and cried while i inch my way to the U-turn in today's race.

Thank goodness for cap and shade as i manage to cover those what seems like eternity moment of myself sobbing while running. And that was almost the very last i recalled of how the race went.

My day started pretty early at about 0430hours. I rested early the night before anticipating to mobilize down for the race that will start at 0735. God bless Jabir and Tesa for helping with the race kit collection. I can't be thankful enough. The drive down was uneventful. I was having second thoughts of today's race and i have wifey in the car trying to strike up conversation. Somehow, anything and everything she asked seems irrelevant. Perhaps i am having some "caveman" moment where i hide myself in the cave while the world outside goes round and round. In fact, i forgot my water bottles that has been left frozen in the freezer with delicious tangy Ribena.
We arrived PD Marina at 0630 and bumped into Jabir and Tesa. Along the way to the transition, more and more familiar faces and friends shouted out to me. This will always be the best part in any races. Friends and supporters which brave the sun and human traffic on a Sunday morning to see triathletes of all shapes and sizes doing their thing. Most has the secret desire to clock in their personal best (PB) timing, some with limited training, made the race to be one of their training, many first timer (OP Azmel, Kash, Chris Chuang, Hsing Ling(her first PD Tri) just to name four that i know doing their first full race for Olympic Distance or OD), many seasoned racers that comes from all over (Kevin all the way from Aussie, but he insist it's for family matter, Doc Raymond from HK, also the same!). A lot just raced their first introductory Tri race in their life and was baptized during the transition T1 and T2. Well done Ezan and Tesa.

This year's race saw about 270 people racing in my age category (30-39). The numbers swelled too because of how scarce races are nowadays. the 18-29 group did not see as many participants and suddenly i felt that triathlon in Malaysia are meant for those older crowd that has nothing better to do on a weekend.
The second wave was called minutes after the first wave was released. Triathlon swim start is always very taunting to many. I told myself just to remain calm as i can't afford the extra spiking in my heart rate. I tried to keep it as inaudible as possible. Because i know, if i hear it in my ears, that would meant i've pushed myself beyond 90% of my max HR. I cruised in the way i know best while swimming and was delighted that i still managed a decent 35mins. Bear in mind the absolute i ever swam was during this year's IronMan. I remember i exited the water with Raymond Ng and Kam flanking me. I tried to run, but my heart told me not to. And the walk to T1 was by far the longest ever as i see people passing me left and right. Wifey and the bunch of WAGS (but they insist they are MILFs - so wifey, Tesa, Ezan, D, Af and Lida, you babes are!) was waiting and cheering me on. Jabir made it out of water right behind me and walk/run with me to the T1.

I placed my hand on his shoulder and remarked how hot he was (no, not in a gay way). But i know those heat came from him working and pushing his well tuned racing body.

"I am warm blooded what!", he jested.

I found myself looking at my palm and saw the familiar pale pink color.

Into T1 and i took slightly longer. Kam and Jabir exited T1 way ahead while i was still sitting down putting my socks on. I was still feeling alright at that point of time. I found myself talking to my bike and told her not to forsake me today. There was actually a surficial cut across the tire, deep enough to allow stones and grit to be lodged in and cause a punture. The only consolation was that it was with the forward rolling of the wheels, meaning, it will not lodge anything in unless i cycle over a whole sandbox. Still, i was apprehensive.

PD Bike route are flat as a pancake. There are a few bumps but nothing anyone can't handle. I started out pretty well and actually maintained an average of 28km/h all the way. Pretty decent actually. But i was slow on the climbs, dropping to 20km/h and struggling to keep the cadence. Slowly, i can feel the heart rate starting to climb rapidly and i counted almost 30bpm/10seconds. I am like watching a faulty car cooling system and ensuring the needle stays out of the red zone.

I entered T2 with a lot of cheers from the MILFs and friends. I was still feeling fine and managed to cover the 40km bike in about 1:20.

I was quick on the T2 and i saw Halim Sterling, AJ and Julie rushing out of T2. I took it easy and ran at a decent 6:30pace on the first 2km and noticed the pace starting to slow down as the heart rate climbing steadily up. I don't recall much at all and i only remembered i last saw Julie and i broke down.

I guessed i managed to coax my mind and body to bring me home to the finish line.

I was later told by wifey that i ignored so many people wishing me as i ran slowly towards the finish. I continued to ignore people as i walked to the transition.

I am very sorry to all of you well wisher and those that shouted for me and i ignored. It wasn't me on the run course this morning. I apologise for being rude.

I complete the whole OD in 3:34. I guessed i ran 1:20.

Well done to all you finishers and first timer. It is often not easy to do multisports such as triathlon, but i know that all of you enjoyed it as much as i been doing this for yonkers. I hope to see you all in the next race and please keep shouting and cheering me on. I promise to reciprocate the next time. I do.


  1. Well done stupe :) I never doubt of your determination...good job bro !!!

  2. Well done bro. People like us doing OD for training. The real race still Ironman.... hehehehe

  3. I know u still keep ur energy in some secret tank in your body for IM. OD is just a warmup for u.

  4. well done Stupe.... dont worry u will work on ur speed next time... take care and see u soon..

  5. Well done Stupe, sounds like you had an emotional rollercoaster on the run but emotions like that are what makes this sport so wonderful. Awesome job.

  6. That was a valiant effort bro! Keep up the good work... :)

  7. all - thanks for the concern and also wishes. You all had a good race too and congrats to Simon for sweeping the floor clean on both days!

    I be back, i promise!

  8. "suddenly i felt that triathlon in Malaysia are meant for those older crowd that has nothing better to do on a weekend.."-hahaha-

    Congrats and inspiring,bro..i hope to 'do the tri' for my next project in 2012..