Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raja Kunyit MaoShangWong

I was never a fan of cheese. I can't stand the smell, let alone how it taste in the mouth.

Three weeks ago, i had a craving for durian. Now, i am a big fan of durian. Story has it told that my mum ate so much durian when she was pregnant with me that when i was born, i had a huge boil at the end of my spine, near my backside crack.

I remember how gunny upon gunny of durians was eaten at both my granparents house when i was growing up. I learnt how washing your hand with a durian seed get rid of the smell from staying in your fingers and how drinking water from the fruit's shell, will neutralise the "heatiness" of this mighty King.

I learnt how to "listen" and how just by shaking the fruits i will know if it's the sticky type or the dry type(with skin covering all the sticky goodness).

I once bought a gunny sack of durian kampong from Durian Tunggal and drove back in my SLK only to have the car reeks of the smell even after 2years before i finally sold it off.

Today, like three weeks ago, i decided to splurge a bit to treat the family amd my parents the premium variety of this King of Fruits.

Stanley Ho, the Hong Kong tycoon flew a plane into Singapore to buy 88 fruits for RM4800 or RM38/kg.

I, a minion from Kuala Lovely Lumpur, paid hard earned RM18/kg and still get to enjoy every single custardy texture of this.

I had my mum jaw fell when i told her the price for the two big fruits i bought. But that did not matters as her face said it all when she sank her teeth into the variety known as MaoShangWong or Raja Kunyit or Musang King.
This variety was unheard off eons back and i will describe it as "creamy cheesy custardy sensation". The fruit literally burst in your mouth as you sink your teeth in. The rich pungent strong smell fills your nostrils as your tounge were teased with slight bitterness that will be replaced with sweetness and overwhelm the taste bud and senses.

Ma must had that feeling as she sank her teeth into what seems to be endless flesh.

Musang King has small seeds compared to the size of the flesh. It is sexy-fying. Yeap!!! Soft and juicy and with character.

I know i sad i ate enough three weeks ago to last a year and today, i ate enough to last another. But so what?

I was born to know this fruit. I still have the scar on where the sun don't shine to prove for it.

And i still hate cheese.

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  1. I once bought a boot load in my Saga 20 years ago but had to sell of my car a week after that. The smell just didnt go away.

    Nowadays, I eat at the stall. :)

  2. Cheese is nice! Especially Edams variety.

    And Febreeze does work wonders.

  3. Terence - LOL. same same!

    Iszo - trust me. Pandan leaves, charcoal, airing, febreeze i've tried.

    and the worst thing was that febreeze then will smell like some cheap perfume with durian smell...

  4. Dear OP Stupe,
    I love durians before and I love it now still. Before, I had the privilege of waiting a few days in a hut at my uncles’s kg plot in Kuala Pilah. In the wee hrs of the morning if any were to drop (we could hear the sound ) we would rush to locate them. Imagine having durians at 0200hrs! Crazy, but for youngsters it was fun days.

    Now, however , I’ve to be mindful of my hypertension as most our age have. Still loving it but can only eat less and sparingly.

  5. OP Hank - my dad has hypertension too. In fact he had a stroke about 8 years ago. Never fully recovered. YEsterday, i "allowed" him to eat 3 or 4 ulas. But my mum was less than happy...

    health is precious, i hope i can still enjoy this devil when i am at his age (58)

  6. Bro, come ulu langat. now the durian musim.. got rm6,8,12/kg. heading road to nuang got i seller at junction. The uncle nice :)

  7. Bro OP Stupe,

    Your depiction cause me to salivate in the dry & hot desert....

    OP Mood@ Yemen

  8. Ajo- all the way there too far la. I consider the extra to be convinience. To and fro already about 70km and not forgetting the jam.

  9. OP Mood bro - sorry i buat you ada craving!