Monday, July 12, 2010

Project 365 : Day 46 of 365

Reaching New Height
I had a 15 minutes call today with someone and was told that i will be taking on a larger role in a couple of months time. it has been a short 3 years come this August 2010 and it was heck of a ride. Hard work and doing what is right has ensured i reap the reward. It helps too that i have supportive colleagues and family for they are the ladder that has helped me and ensured that i step up higher. Of course, the guts to take myself to greater height lies with myself - how much i want it and how i seen it happening. Again, only made possible with a great support system that i have both at work and at home. With new role coming, i will still juggle current portfolio, apart from having three more different ad-hoc portfolio i am handling. Some say i need a twins, some say i am sucker for pain. I say Carpe Diem, baby!
Tools: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. ISO80. F3.5. 1/500


  1. I think you have a better ladder - something solid and concrete ... :)

  2. Hey Stupe - love the blog! I'm doing something similar, a year in photos. Do you know of any good groups / networks to join, of other people doing the same thing? I have to admit, I'm doing it somewhat in isolation, but I've suddenly realised I should probably network a bit! :)

    My blog is at - though your photos are a lot better than mine :)

  3. Ian- thankyou.

    Henry - thanks for dropping by and i love your projevt365 too. I am hoping i will be able to complete all 365 days of it. My photos are alright only imho and yours are good!

    I dont think i can find others doing this same thing at this point of time as most i know has stopped due to work reasons.

    I aspire to inspire myself to complete this no matter what.

    And i found a fellow blogger to network for this :)