Friday, July 16, 2010

Project 365 : Day 50 of 365

Like A Virgin
Wifey took up decorative baking classes and her first homework was to create a sponge cake, put icing on it and tomorrow, she will learn how to decorate it. Like a virgin, she handled it pretty well. Baking of the sponge cake was easy peasy, but when it comes to slapping the icing and then making it smooth, it was a sight to see. I can't help it but to take photo of what she was doing. Baking is like photography, you improve as you go along. But unlike digital photography where you your shutter counts are determined by the battery charge, baking cake, you can do at most one at a time. I would say great effort today, and it was worth the wait to make this into Day 50 of 365.
Tools: D90+351.8. ISO800. F5.6. 1/30


  1. congratulation to the 50th day.

    and you also got a cake to eat.

  2. Khoo - nola...the cake was prepared for tomorrow's class - decoration. :D

    It is really the case of "having the cake, and not eating it".