Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is This Incoherent Ramblings Or PhotoLogs?

I realised my blog entry are far and scarces now. In fact there are nothing but photos that make no sense. 49 days into Project 365 and i am thinking where i am heading with this blog.

Blogging is passe too. Everyone i know is on Facebook. People do Facebook more than they Blog.

Blogging is like wearing shoulder pads in 2010!



  1. Well, there is a permanence to a weblog that is not present in Facebook, which is good if you have something to say that might be useful in the future.

    I say keep blogging, as your posts are both full of thought and thought provoking.

    A blog is like a diary.

    Facebook is like a telephone.

  2. Joe, good points. :) i think you are right!!!