Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Aiyo...what now?

What a rude shock.

I've always been a law abiding citizen.

I get summoned, that's fair, it is my fault.

I paid up within 2 weeks, no doubt.

Proud to say, since my last offence with the *Parking Monster* on 15th October 2004, i've been spared from the mouth of this beast for more than 1 month.

But not this time.

I was slapped with a notice to pay up a RM30 compound.

The very same summon that i've already paid up with RM20.

have a look:

Letter printed on 24/11/04 from MPPJ.

see la...paid within 14 days on 29th october 2004 in the morning!!!!

as if DOING ME A FAVOUR by letting me compound this offence at RM30!!! What F... ???!!!

Yes Miss Lulu, MPPJ is being lulu by telling me this nonsense!!! I paid up BEFORE 19/11!!! Also, Please change your tag line...a bit sad and has just ended up as a joke.

I called MPPJ at 79602657 and spoke to Ms. Dun Have Name (yeah, she refused to introduce herself, but i did). She checked through her canggih PC system and told me that i had 6 summons, out of which, i've paid all 5 but this one.

I gave her my summon number (56005251) and she checked with 56002521 and asked me what is the car number, which i then asked her to tell me MY car number stated on her PC. Obviously, she got it wrong.

I had to repeat myself 4 times, before she got the summon number right. What? someone doing something to you under the table and you can't concentrate?

After getting the reference number right, and verifying that i've not paid my summon, i told her i got the resit resmi infront of me. I offered to read to her the resit resmi number, which she then asked me to come to MPPJ to settle this matter.

1. I do not have the luxury of time
2. Why is my resit resmi NOT good enough as a proof of payment?
3. I have to ask you where i need to go...imagine if i dind't i'll find myself running from Civic Center and MPPJ Building...and who is gonna pay for my parking???

by the way, i've noticed that MPPJ is governed by people that do not know how to use Bahasa Malaysia Proper...

Resmi, as far as i can recall from my Form 3 and Form 5 SRP and SPM paper states that it is a habit, behaviour or characteristic, like adat resmi..but never resit resmi!!! Click here for the link to Resmi

Rasmi, on the other hand means official...now, doesn't that make more sense?
Click here for the link to Rasmi

How is the citizen in PJ supposed to learn to use the proper Bahasa Kebangsaan, when the Council itself didn't even care?

Oh ya, they promised to call within this evening. until now, at 3.30pm, i'm yet to hear any vibration, or even tingle from my phone...or house phone...or office phone...

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