Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Of Falling...

"Bugger, is it raining in PJ?" Doc sms-ed me at 4.30pm

"Oi! bugger, the rain has stopped, everything On at 6pm?" I replied.

"ON!" He text me back within the next 20 seconds.

Ah...can't live without sms, can't we? It account for half my mobile bill every month. The ought to give me their so called Loyalty after being loyal to them for such a long time. heck, i'm even helping to pay a few of my friends' monthly wages!! ( know who you are....hahahaha!)

I left office at 5pm yesterday. Well, home and office is like 7 minutes away, max.

I was wrong. The thing about this place where i work is that there is ONLY one entrance and exit point. Traffic has been horrendous lately. With the developer's security guard trying to pull off some traffic police's antic (yeah, and i do appreciate your effort sir, but you are just making the traffic situation worse!!!)

Traffic build up to about 1km away on a good day.

3 years ago..this freaking place was so empty that you could park your freaking car right in the middle of the freaking road, playing streetsoccer was a norm as to playing badminton without worrying that any cars would run you down

Back to reality. Development has it's price. This place is choked with apartments, condos, flats...gosh, it is like some mini Singapore here!!! And just like how Singapore should be, the people here are starting to be realllly Kiasu. If you think DBKL doing the triple or quad parking is bad, wait till you see some stupid driver going against the traffic and then parking their cars right in the middle of the road!

Unfortunately, MPPJ isn't any better...They have the uncanny timing of summoning you for not putting in enough coins for the parking like within 5 minutes of your parking expiration! The most ridiculous i've ever encountered was that the officer was so blind, he actually summoned a car with season parking!! Obviously, the owner wasn't too happy, and i found out later that he had to go through 3 floors of bereaucracy just to try to waive off his summon, and yet, he had to pay RM20 for paper work!!!! What nonsense!

Yeah, Falling. Falling of the space that we all need so much. Falling of the local councils. Falling of basically everything that you see everyday in life! it makes you wonder; is everyone so caught up with their own life that they forgot to smell the flowers along the way???(well, most of the time now, we are just smelling those clogged up drains)

Ah, nevermind that. It could be worse.

I reach Taman Tun park at 6pm sharp. After a round of change parade ala RMC style...there i was, reaching jsut on time to meet up with 4 friends for my evening run.

Stepped out of the car, said the usual "Bugger!" to them and as i was about to take anohter step, i fell.

Fell right into a drain. About 450mm deep. The FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) grating gave way under my weight. It was a shock. I quickly pulled myself out and accessed the damage done to myself.

ok, apart from a sore butt, i have 1 deep gash on my right shin complimented with 3 others bruises which was caused by the sharp edges of the gratings. My left calf had one looong bruise starting from my ankle up till my mid calf.

Doc asked i am ok. Which, by now, i was cursing the stupid grating. not to spoil the day, i told them everything is fine and we continued, or rahter, start our run.

We ran pretty hard yesterday, doing Kiara hill in 30 minutes (total distance of about 8km), with loads of uphills (some at 10 degree inclination).

Finished the run with a smaller loop of the TTDI park and for the first time, we managed to finish the whole run and warming down right before the Mahgrib prayer was heard, signifying that those who fast, could break their fast. I didn't fast, too greedy to do so. :P

I did tell wifey later that night, she find it hilarious that i fell. I found it funny as well. It dawned to me that it was lucky that it was me that fell when the grating gave way...knowing that park are frequented by old and young alike, i can't imagine if pregnant ladies or kids or even old folks were to be in my shoe!!! That would be disaster!

I guess, there is a good thing afterall...or maybe it is just bad karma?!


  1. Oh well, at least you didn't fall into a drain, get mauled by a rabid dog, chased by a naked pervert AND rammed by a young hairy stinky punk on a motorcycle with red and orange flames airbrushed on its sides. But that's just bad karmic anal-shagging.

    Thank your lucky stars.

  2. gosh you are right, at least i didn't get taunted by that old lady with breast so sagging it touches the ground...

    haha, i guess there is always something better behind all those falls...