Friday, November 19, 2004

Traffic Bigotry

I couldn't believe it.

Some idiot wrote in the paper yesterday, saying that people with smaller cars are the most dangerous on the road.

The idiot was saying something like he was driving on the highway at 110km/h and was overtaken by those in kancil overtaking them.

He even go on and say that he drives a japanese 2.4 liter car.

OK, Look here Buster.

You are rich. I'm not.

Those that drives Kancil are not dangerous. Infact, those that drives bigger and more powerful cars are even more dangerous!

I pay Road tax as well. Infact, i ensure that my car is in tip top condition every week. But i tell myself everytime that it is ok. Because you are paying more Road taxes than my puny-worthless car.

Classifying Kancil drivers as being irresponsible is just like blaming half of America that didn't vote for Kerry and let Bush won the last election!!!


Look here BUSTER.

I've lost count on how many times i felt my life being threaten jsut because people like you that drives a bigger car thinks that kancil do not deserves to be on the road.

I've lost count of how many times i was shown the fingers, just because i was trying to push pass the enxt vehicle, so that you could whizz pass me at 140km/h.

I've lost count of how many times you open your big car door and just treated as if my car wasn't there. I know dents in my car are cheap to repair. But how would you feel if i smash your windscreen, and smash your nose as well?

I've lost count of how many times i see Kancil involved in accident, just because you overtake cars in teh opposite direction, thinking that your big powerful-could-fly-to-the-moon car could manage to cut in. The only thing you are cutting is our life.

Get a grip of reality BUSTER. Your big car is drinking more fuel that my car, and you are using more of the subsidies that the goverment allocated, so that you could cruise in your virgin calf leather seats with your 8 speakers set up sound system and point fingers at others that is not worthy to use the road, like you do.

And BUSTER. It is not cheap to modify car. You got that point right. Don't just blame ALL Kancil drivers for modifying their cars as if they could take off like a F-16 jet! I've seen more Wira being turned into God-Knows-What-Car and Iswara fitted with engines bigger and more powerful that your pathetic 2.4 liter Japanese car.

I've see more Civics with exhaust pipes so big, you could barbeque a whole chicken at the tailpie.

I've seen more Wajas involved in accidents just because they think that the "Tuned By Lotus" Stickers could justify them taking corners at 80km/h.

I've also seen more BMWs and Mercs, being driven by those rich brats in Bangsar trying to squeeze through everyone and triple park their car, so that it will raise their chances of getting some action that night.

So. Buster. It is unfortunate that you had studied so much and earned your Ph.D. and call yourself a Dr. It just show to the rest of us, that you are just as bad as the next person that didn't go to school! Oh sorry, that would be an insult to the people that didn't go to school, as some of them are more humble than you are.

Now, go and shove your 2.4liter tailpipe up your ass, and stop complaining about Kancil trying to kill you in your GOA certified Car body.


  1. Gosh you should send this copy to the paper man! BTW, use haloscan, it makes commenting much easier =)

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  3. Hey Cyber Red...thanks...but i was responding to this Absent-Minded Professor by the name of Dr. tan that wrote about how small car is a menace to the road...

    i've all intention to sent it to the press, but somehow, The Star has this knack of blanking out my postings...maybe they think i'm not their genre...

  4. Thanks for the tips on the Blog Explosion...

    will duly consider that, am just afraid it will end up with ppl spamming my blog(with the comments features open to abuse)