Monday, November 08, 2004


Some sweet netizen has made my dream come true...i now have a Gmail!!!!!

Okok, big deal, but you all know right, the things that is hardest to get, are usually the most precious.

1gB storage...and never to have to delete the email again. Cool!

Now, i only one more wish is that it could be POP enable, ie could be checked using those email client...then i'm all complete...


Only thing is, i do not have the privy to invite anyone to have Gmail, as yet. So, don't worry, once i got the offer to do so, i'll post it here, and i'll gladly invite any of you here, that is reading of course, on a First Come First Served basis...ok ah?


  1. bro, lu tak awal awal cakap lu mau Gmail....wa ada mar.... :D

  2. [Anand] hehehe...sorry la bro, it didn't dawn to me...but thanks for the thoughts anyway.

  3. [Aly] you make me sound like some major loser... i dind't know there is so many ppl with gmail...

    actually, i do not know what i should do with it now. It is like, OK, i got Gmail, and????