Thursday, November 25, 2004

How Scorpio Am I???

Got this from Reta's Blog...

You are 93% Scorpio

Now, does this mean that i'm like some overly possesive testesterone charged highly confident revenge taking bastard? You decide.


  1. 93%? Does that mean you are the male-version of moi? Argh..the horror..hehe

    And no stupe, I have no idea who you are..I don't do psychic tho' it'll be interesting to know...wait..we know what are ALWAYS on men's mind... =P

    So, what were you doing at CLEO 2003?

  2. LOL..nah, it shows that we both didn't answer *aye* to only one questions. Since i'm much *older* than you, i could safely say that YUO are the FEMALE version of moi.. :P

    what was i doing in the cleo 2003 thingy? LOL..i was one of them... shh..