Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Leech Removal Procedure

I'm obsessed with the leeches...

found one sucking on me on my right thumb after i remove my biking glove...guess our friend are all warm and cosy!!!

suck on it baby

After giving it the ciggie butt treatment, it fell off, blood starts trickling out

and it keeps coming out....

The gang having breakfast

The bite still itch until today, 4 days later!


  1. have a thing/fascination going on with leeches eh??

    I went for the Axn extreme thingy and they were auditioning ppl for the programme. You should have tried out! You sound like an outdoor-sy kinda guy. And the funny thing was in the form, one of the question asked if we had any physical impairment ie. hering. I ticked no.

    When it came to my turn in front of the camera, I couldn't hear what the heck those ppl were asking me and I started la " Excuse me? Sorry? Huh what?"

    Now they really must have think I've a hearing prob =P