Monday, January 03, 2005

What a run!

After being immobile for 3 weeks since my dad had a stroke, i've not done anything phsycially challenging, apart from running from the hospital to home to work and to sites. It was more of mental exhaustion than pushing myself till i puke.

No, i'm not a sadist. I do not puke that easily.

Last Thursday, i did a 45km bicycle ride in the middle of the rain in the darkest possible route there is in Putrajaya.

It was fun, especially so when you get to sweat it all out again.

I didn't know cycling in the night, in total darkness and only guided by the dim lights from the headlamps, was so much fun.

Then, some of my friends went to Frasers Hill, to cycle yesterday. I didn't went, decided to spend the new year chilling it out, rather than pushing my arse and shaking it

Then, today, i decided to join a few of them in Batu Dam, Sg. Tua, for some bike/run action.

I woke up late. Infact, only woke up when Doc called.

“on my way!” i told him, as usual, the standard reply of most Malaysians when he/she was late/not punctual.

“got fire la here, police block off the road, we are asking the kampung folks how to get to the Dam from these roads” he told me.

OK, so i'm not exatly late. :P

Yeap, there is a fire. Big ne infact, was seen once i turned into the old Selayang road.

News had it said that the fire started at 2.30am! Pics taken at 8am!

Reached Batu Dam after much detour.

Everyone left for the cycling/running. I wore my shoes and started running.

I'm going to run alone.

As usual, Batu Dam is breath taking.

Taken from the trail head.

Body was complaining after just the firs 5 minutes. Lactic acid build up at the muscles and i could feel them flooding very single joint and fibers. I pushed on.

After 15 minutes of painful attempt to run at my usual pace, endorphins kicked in and pain begin to subside. Excitements kicks in as i tell myself that it is only the mind that is telling me that the body is tired.

I ran, reaching the first river crossing within the next 7 minutes. Took me almost 30 minutes to finish the first 6km. It is a funny feeling to be running alone in the thick lush jungle. With only the leeches and insects accompanying you. Ah, yes, there is also the occasional monkeys doing their own business.

My heart rate seems ok, i predict it to be in it's 70% range, it is only my legs asking for a break from me.

I reached the meeting point, the second river crossing not long after. That is the 8km mark. The previous 2 km was uphill al the way, so there was a lot of dash up hills, and the occasional crawl.

The guys was there, great!

The told me they reached the place in the last 10 miuntes. There were, Bacin and Dr. Amir running. Doc, Cheepox and a new crony, Fadzil, cycling.

Not wearing helmets are runners. Sorry, i looked messy.

The slut!

I know, it wasn't fun Dr. Amir, but lets just hang on for a while again, ok?

It was barely 3 minutes before the runners took off again. Oh ya, i removed like 3 leeches from both my legs at the river. Some the size of Twisties (small one la).

On the return run, it took me almost 45 minutes to complete the remaining 6km.

Blisters could be felt forming on my heel and both soles, as the shoes was wet and there was loads of unwanted frictions.

I basically limped to the parking lot, and when i took off my shoes, there it was, 2 leeches that had grew close to three quarter of an inch, feeding from my veins. Feast on these pics of the blood that was oozing out, until about 12 hours later!

The fire was still in he process of being put out. I has been almost 3 hours, and it was of no surprise, as i was a plank wood factory that was being reduced to ashes.

This was taken at 11.30am!

Now, as i'm typing this, my left knee is aching like i had been pounded by jack hammer and my right foot felt like some trucks just ran over it.

It's been a rahter painful homecoming trip. But i got to do it, all for the sake to push myself, to be able to run my first marathon this 6th March.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pics.

Batu Dam, Still water run deep?

The trail, next to the resevoir.


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