Monday, January 03, 2005

Blardy leeches

The run left me bleeding for half the day.

Those leeches that sucked on me leg grew to about three quarter of an inch, i had to remove them using ciggie butts, because i can't wait for them to finish their brunch, and leave me alone.

This is what happen, if you remove the leeches after they suck on you a wee bit too long....

You'll be bleeding from the their bites! mine lasted until 12 hours later! I only managed to stop one of the bigger bites after 7 hours.

here are some pics of how gory it all looked like:

Radioactive leeches


Still bleeding after 12 hours...


  1. Nice blog bro! Take it easy with the leeches! Haha!

  2. eww i hate leechessssssssssss..... and bleeding...coz psychologically i'll faint..when i see blood that is. Haih, useless moi =P