Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Quiet Celebration

Had been calling up all my close friends.

Unfortunately, only one or two, could make it for dinner with me and loved ones.

Norman was sweet enough to pick both my sisters up from my house and we went for some dim sum at Jalan Ipoh.

This place, for the longest time i know, has good dim sum, nothing fantastic though, but good enough, and definately much better than those bangla/vietnamese/indonesians immigrants dim sum store that is set up by their chinese boss.

The aubergine was stuffed with fish paste and comes in big servings per plate. The

Har kow was a-ok, though ti could be done better if the prawn has more taste to it.

Siew mai was also ok, but at least it doesn't have the heavy meat taste, it was fresh, and piping hot, as it should be.

We had other assortments of dim sum, almost whipping up double of everything, and it cost the 5 of us RM61.70 inclusive of drinks.

Oh ya, did i mention that Norman and sis saw some gang fight? yeah, Jalan Ipoh is famous for these *showdown*, it is like the policeman are always ready, because there were there when the fight broke up.

Here some pics, minus the food:

sorry, can't wait to eat, we finished 4 servings before you girls came.

yes, chew on it Norman!

Me and wifey

We later adjourned to Mont Kiara.

As expected, the place wasn't packed, just trickles of diners and people sitting down for some self reflections of the year 2004.

The same can't be said about Hartamas though, as it was clearly choked with people, despite PM's pled that there shouldn't be much revelry in view of the present saddening situation that Asia is going through now.

But one thing irks me though, there were a small countdown at the Sunrise courtyard, but the images that was shown on the projector board was showing how the tsunami effected and there was nothing happy about it, yet, there were some that wasn't actually bothered by it all.

New year resolution?

I am making the resolution to:

1. run my first marathon in march during the KLIM.

2. Complete in at least 2 more triathlon.

As far as career and life is concerned, i guessed i'm already blessed with a good boss/partner in business and a wife that understand and support me in whatever i do.

So, again, despite the tsunami/tidal wave/bad things that happened in 2004, i guess it is time to just pack it, and throw it out of the window, and welcome 2005 with a more positive outlook.

i hope.


  1. eh...batu 3 dim sum ah?

    anyway, happy new year!! =)
    I was at souled out tho' pretty packed but great fun...

  2. Jln Ipoh, taman Million la, thre is two shops thre that sell good dim was the one next to Ah Leong Bank.

  3. yealar, that's jalan ipoh bt3. my muther owns a shop there (not dim sum store!) and she ta pau dim sum almost every week =P bleh..sick of dim sum already..

  4. Oh my God, I met Norman before :)