Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The weekend it was

Hi guys and girls,

sorry, been missing lately from being infront of the PC.

I've completed the Genting Trailbalzer run in 1hr 45mins with my teammate Dr. Hisyam. We were palced 36 out of 200 plus teams that took part in the WILD category (12km run in the green lush jungle of Awana with a max altitude gain of 530++meter from starting point).

We only managed to run 45% of the tracks, the rest of the 55% was almost vertical hiking up those slippery and thorns scattered single track trail 9some even don't have the trails, except being guided by some papers where those Hash runner uses, or simply finding our way by looking at the ground where the soil was trampled by those racers).

It was a good run. Tiring, and fun.

And i lost all pics my wife took.

How it happened? I downloaded all the pics into my flashdrive(Apacer USB) and viola...the drive decided to play a prank on me and all my datas (including loads of other pictures) went missing. I didn't even press anything close to the *DELETE* button.


Shucks, but nevermind, there is always next year or next race, to take more pics.

Meanwhile, i'll be active again in the Selangor League Rugby starting this Sunday at Padang Utara, PJ at 4pm. Will be playing against D'Montel (mostly made up from the defunct PWC team).

And don't forget, tehre is the KL International Marathon to run on March 6th!

What a fun year!

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  1. aiyor poor thing pictures are gone! hate it when that happens! good to hear you're having fun!