Saturday, January 01, 2005

Drama Drama Drama

Firstly, Happy New Year 2005.

May the bastard/bitch/fucker that made your 2004 miserable had a permanent itch on their arsehole and their arms grew so short, they can't scratch their sorry arse.

Secondly, Auld Lang Syne to 2004.

For it has brought much joy, and brought more tears compared to 2003.

What a year it was.

1. I got registered (ie legally married),

2. Office hired an engineer that prove to be just as useless as the toilet urinal(his last day was yesterday, and he had no common decency to clean up his desk, or his PC, which is filled with porns)

3. Had close shave with life numerous times, with express buses and cars driven by total idiots.

4. Completed 3 major physical events ie AXN Challenge, my first 10km run and Perhentian Quadrathlon.

5. Picked up mountain biking again, and bought a fully upgraded Giant Rincon from a ride buddy that sold the bike to me for a mere RM500.

6. Dad had a stroke before christmas, and that signify a major change in my family's life and order of the day.

7. Having to deal with nikampoos in work, with insistent pushing and shovings from engineers that think they created the world, and subcontractors that thinks you owe them a living.

but what really was significant, especially so this year, was how i ended the year.

With a bang, literally.

I was in Seremban, yesterday.

Met up with a system designer to pick up some drawings for my Melaka projects. I called OP Cheepox for lunch, since he is in the vicinity.

He asked for 30 minutes and i decided to shoot off to Senawang, about 15 km away and 6 minutes toll to toll, to check what the fucking subcontractor did for my Senawang project.

Took a detour and exited through the PD toll, as i wanted to go to Rasah to buy some doggy food for the 2 big dog at home.

Was met with a major jam in Rasah, apparently, they are going to build some insignificant bridge across the main existing road, causing collosal jam.

After finding myself going back into seremban, which where i was 3 minutes ago, i bought the food.

Was coming out of the junction when this uncle on motorbike, conviniently crashed into the front portion of my car, ripping my bumper away, and with him sprawling across my bonnet.

Came down to check the damage after making sure that the uncle is a-ok and suffer from no brain haemorrage. Found out that my bumper was dislodged from it's position, dangling only by the cables that connects to my two Hella Comet 400 fog lights. Images of the Faces of Death 4, where a man's arm was crushed by a car he was repairing, with only his main two arteries intact, flashed across my mind.

"Aiyo, brother, sorry, very sorry" the uncle said in cantonese.

"uncle, are you ok?" i said, with visible tremble in my voice.

"I ok, but i help you fix your car back, you follow me, i ride bike, you follow me to Rasah", he said, after helping me to remove the two cables and putting my bumper into the rear portion of my car.

me, myself and my bumper

He ride his kapchai, while i trude along unfamiliar roads. It did occur to me that he might just run away, leaving me to eat the bumper myself. But i hold true to what he said and constantly told me that he is not leading me to where he and his (possible) canibalistic cult is.

I was back in the jam, where i was stuck earlier. I did call Cheepox and told him about my misadventure, and apologises profusely to him. He's cool. I've also called wifey and told my sis. My phone batt was running low and true enough, after 5 minutes of sms-ing, it went dead on me. SO, thre i was, on new year's eve, with no communication to anywhere, except this uncle that had crashed into me, and offered to repair my car.

I reached the place, it was really some mechanic place that is set under some trees. Old figures, which was later introduced to me as the Foremen, was talking to him and told him the mudguard guy is out for lunch.

Uncle gave me his calling card, and introduced himself as Burger Yap. He owns a bakery in Seremban, producing burger bun. He even told me where he stayed, so, i reckon he is reliable.

I told him to take his leave, no point he waits there with me, the foremen seems to know him well, hence, it sorta comfort me that it wasn't any cult or con man that is gonna do my car, and hold me for ransom, or eat me.

The foreman later told me that he is known as Loti Yap (as in Roti Yap), made a honest living and a stubborn old man that still trude along in his old bike.

At this point, i felt lucky. Lucky that this uncle offered to repair, and is sincere about it. Unlucky that i had to be in this accident, and had to cancel all my appointment, until my car could be repaired.


His knee did this, noticed the dent?

Right side mounting needs to be repositioned, it was crumbled towards the left.

This is how it is supposed to look like, originally.

3 hours later, and loads of heartache seeing hammer meeting metal on teh well polished surface.

No more dents! but loads of paint peeling!

The uncle did mentioned to me to call him again, when i am in Seremban, as he wants me to sent my car for painting.

I guess, to look at things at another perspective, i'll treat this minor accident as a sign that i've already *buang suey*, and lets hope for better tiding this year.

I went home only at 6pm, reached KL at about 7pm and got ready to go out for dinner with sisters, wife and friend. More about that later.

I've also managed to *re-communicate* again with the world, told Iqbal about my accident and he he jokingly said that i was hit my some tidal waves as well, when the uncle landed on my bonnet...

Speaking of which, there is dents, and scratches across the bonnet, his watch and rings did all the damage...but since he was nice enough, i didn't have the ehart to make him pay for that repair as well.

Like i say, it was a bang, literally.

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