Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Should had seen them coming...

Just like stroke, that attacks with very little sign, espcially to first time victim, the recent quake measuring 9 on the ricther scale that hit Sumatra has caused more damages than everyone thought it would.

Malaysia, while lucky enough to be outside of the tetonic belt, aren't spare from the aftermath of the quake.

Tsunami, or harbour wave, as it is known after translation from japanese, has caused great loss of life. At press time this morning, The Star reported 23750 life lost.

Malaysia, the northern states of Penang, Kedah and Perlis in particular has so far seen 58 life being lost after the huge waves, some claiming to be 10m high, hit the coast.

Now, the government wants to set up a tsunami warning system.

Ironically, thre is one in the Pacific Ocean, but not much could be said about the existence in the Indian Ocean.

The Malaysians that cares has since set up a tsunami/tidal wave fund, to help relieve victims at this point of crisis.

Again, just how ignorant are malaysians?

When i heard about the quake on Boxing day, on TV3 noon news, i've already anticipated that there will be tidal waves forming. I've even told wifey that to prepare for more news, as earthquake that happens on ocean floors are usually not so forgiving as those that happen on land itself.

True enough, by the time the next news came on, there has already been casulties.

Malaysians, being *jakun* on these matters, though that it was beautiful to see such big waves, and some paper even reported that one hotel in penang actually sounded the siren like 10 minutes before the first wave crashed.

Ironically, again, it was the foreigners that was smarter, and had moved away from the beach front.

My sympathies goes out to all the families of the victims, true, we had not had these level of national disasters since MRR2 issues, but nevertheless, i could already sense all those ringgit and sen to not to be accounted for, somehow, it will take like ages, before the full account of who gets what and where is tabled for the general public to know.


  1. I'm trying to send a package to Penang tomorrow...u think it'll arrive by Friday!? arghhhh..I hope Pos Laju doesn't get lost in the tsunami =P

    I was talking to my friend of how a body got washed away in Penang & was found in Miami Beach and my friend retorted "Does the body have a passport on it or it'll be an illegal immigrant?" As much as the whole situation has been really bad...I can't help but laughing at his stupid joke.. Haih so mean huh?

  2. well, at least he still has sense of humor.

    if you post it today, chances are, it will reach tomolo.

    if you use the pos express thingy (dijamin sampai esok), for as long as the postcode is in the pos express area, rest assure that it will reach the place.

    but if you are sending some home made bomb, i suggest you send my pos laju...pos express don't take packages.

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