Monday, December 13, 2004

The Day He Divorced us.

Mr & Mrs Harrisson Prabu

Divorce Proceeding/Hearing aka Church Ceremony:
Date: 11th December 2004
Time: 3.45pm
Venue: St. John Church

Official Annulment aka dinner:
Date: 11th December 2004
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Park Royal KL.


Aminuddin aka Toncet
Nizam aka Arjuna
Faris + Wife
Zafri aka Manai + Wife + Baby due in April 2005
TJ + Gf
Kenneth aka Bear
Lim + Wife

Can't Make it last minute:
Maizu aka Penyu - Called to say that he have to go to KLIA to pick up someone.

It was raining heavily in the afternoon at 2.45pm, with minimal people in the church.

Perbu was no where to be seen. The best man could be seen waiting at the entrance, with the bride's relatives.

It was not until 3.10pm that perbu came marching in. His wife came in the second car a minute later.

"Caught in jam la bro" , Was what he said to me.

For a moment, i thought he was chickening out. :Þ

This is my 3rd wedding in church that i went in the past 6 months, the previous two was of wifey's friend.

Looking at people getting married, makes us both want to get over with the ceremony as well.

It was my wife's birthday as well actually. And at least i've killed 2 birds with one stones, by attending both my friend's wedding, and be with wifey the whole day long.

The marriage was in full mass, since both sides of the newlywed are catholics.

After hearing both of them saying "I Do" and all the nessasary wording and phrase (in sickness and health..yada..yada..yada), they went on to sign the marriage registration of the church.

Yes, that is where you sign it!

Best Men, Bridesmaids, witnesses and the Newlywed.



Dinner was much later that same evening. With us RMC boys taking up 1 table and a quarter (There were 13 of us present, incl wife).

The MC was heard asking where is the RMC boys, of which we just lifted our hand and acknowledged her.

Chen, Nizam & Toncet

Of course, the next two table was filled with stewards and stewardess from Air Asia. Mr Tony Fernandez was seen amongst the crowd as well. Such sweet of him to grace his own staff's wedding. This is what i call good PR stuff.

Dinner was served after speeches from all concerned and the newlywed was addressed.

We've also found out that Zafri is expecting his 4th child next April 2005. Guess he jsut putting undue pressure on the rest of us.

Kenny was dressed to the nine, he came in a nicely pressed long sleeve shirt complete with tie. The rest of us were more casual.

Kenny TJ & Gf

Chen rushed back from JB to be with us that evening.

So did Nizam, which ditch the counter in PC Fair to make it there as well with Aminuddin.

Newlywed at the RMC Table

Faris, as his usual punctual self, was in the Hotel lobby by 7.15, a good 10 minutes earlier than me! Well done. So was Akmal, came armed with his SLR, was already sitting at the table as me and Faris went into the ballroom.

Overall, it was a great nite. We managed to catch up with everyone, and Kenny didn't had the guts to talk to some stewardess, for fear that the stewards will *check him out* (yes, one of them was wearing a Tiffany bracelet, metrosexual, or simply confusedsexually, you decide).

When the band played the first song of the nite with Jingling Nyoya, Perbs and his beautiful wife took to the floor, it wasn't any longer that Zafri and wife(plus 5 months feotus) went to join him. Later, it was a slow number, where Liaw and girlfriend joined in the fun.

The Loving Couple waltzing

Yeah Baby...groove it!

Slow sikit Bro...

The rest of us were more than happy to just sit and watch (ie tak tau menari la tuh).

We left, happily, to know that the first 388xxx has ended his bachelorhood, divorcing us in RMC to be one with his Wife Andrea. But i know, and we all know, that Perbu, as we all know him by that name, will still be having *affairs* with the rest of us guys.

To Perbu and Andrea, may this day mark the beginining of many more wonderful days.

May both your life together be filled with much joy, laughter and lil Perbs and Andreas running around!!!

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