Friday, December 03, 2004

My Body Composition

Went for lunch with a few friends just now to Ikano.

Had 2 servings of the Ikea Hotdogs.

Then, we went into one of the health/exercise place to get my body fat checked.

The person behind the counter, Rueben, was very helpful.

He offered a free body composition test, which all 3 of us quickly obliged.

Machine used: Tanita TBF-300

Here are my results:
Body Type : Standard (yeah, what else?)
Gender : Male (I am glad about this)
Age: 28
Height: 173cm (i know, i'm short)
Weight: 83kg (after lunch)
BMI(Body Mass Index) : 27.7 (reccomended: 18.5-25.0)BMR (Base Metabolic Rate) : 7249kJ/1733kcal (Basically the amount of energy i need for normal body functions)
Impedance : 364 ohm

Fat % : 21.1% (High for my level of activities)
Fat Mass: 17.5kg
Fat Free Mass : 65.5kg (if i am 0% fat, whish is impossible)
Total Body Water: 48.0kg ie 57% (reccomended is 50-70%)

Desirable range:
Fat %: 14-20%
Fat Mass : 10.7kg -16.4kg

My target body fat: 12%
Predicted weight : 74.4kg (At 12% fat)
Predicted fatt mass : 8.9kg (at 12 %)
Fat to lose: 8.6kg (gosh....)

So, there! despite being active and doing 10km run every other days and cycling every weekend and doing weight training...i jsut have to watch what i eat from now on...


  1. Woah...that's a lottt of numbers to begin with! I miss Ikea's coffee ice-cream. They used to have it back when they were at 1-Utama..

  2. last attempt at maths...hence, all those numbers.

  3. Great info! I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.