Sunday, January 30, 2005

OP Idle Competition...sing song???!!!

Received a phone call from Bandit in the afternoon telling me that me and him will duet later in the evening yesterday.

wait. Duet?



"it's for the fun of it la bro" he said.

" so what song do you reckon we should sing???" he added, assuming that i'm game for it.

"i don't know bandit, a good singer could sing any song!!!" i said, poking him.

"ok, will see ya at the OPA building tonite at 9pm, we'll sing song" He put the phone down before i could say anything else.

I later received a phonecall from him circa 9pm...told him i was oon the Federal highway going at 160km/h to go sing with him. Which he promptly said "Great" and ii still ahve no idea why i am doing all these.

I reach the building at about 9.15pm, by then, he has actually used all teh delaying tactics he knows, so that we would not be disqualified by the judges.

"ok stupe, which one you reckon? Ebony and Ivory? or Seiring dan Sejalan (loosely translated to be walking side by side and towards the same destination" He asked.

"ok, look, i have no idea how both the songs goes" i told him grinning...

" it's ok stupe, don't worry, i'm not so sure about EnB but SdS is just like rapping" he jested.

"I got the CD in the car now, lets go and listen" He added.

i know this is hilarious, what happens after that was 4 minutes of listening of the song in the car, which i then asked who is gonna be sharifah aini, trying to remember the tune, esp the slow portion...and before i knew it, we were called to the stage to sing.


Imagine, 2 married men on stage, with him as Sharifah Aini and me as Broery Pesulima singing as if we were lover.

We won by default, as there isn't any other old boys that came and sing duet...hahahahaha

on to HEAT 2!!!


here is the lyrics to the song: Seiring dan Sejalan

ps- it would be even a bigger disaster if me and him were to sing Endless love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, Michael jackson would had come and kill us and Paris hilton will disown her co-host in Simple Life. hahahahah

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  1. hah? only you two monkeys singing ah? where got fun wan?
    but then, I haven't karaoke yettttt =P no fwensss...