Monday, February 07, 2005

Go on, make my day...

As usual, my writing in the blog is getting rarer...doesn't help with loads of things to take care of.





self tourturing activities.

Been busy with life. a good thing i reckon. but not when there is so much things at hand, and everyone is in superb holiday mood (either bad or good). Been at Melaka like every other day. travelling either in the early morning, so that i could be back in office by lunch, or be off by lunch, and back again before my evening run/training with the guys.

Some say i'm a sucker for pain. Yeah, i sorta agree with them.

There has been really loads of exciting and stressful things been happening in my life, and my family lately.

I shalt never forget how it is like to be in the lawyer's office from 3.30pm till 8pm, just to settle some problem my dad had with his business. Never thought i would be begging my dad to let go of everything, so that everyone could have their life back.

i shalt not forget it as well, when my boss, offered to pay for my wedding next year, as he know i've exhausted all my means, and all my reserves just to bail my dad out from whatever it is.

It was no fun.

ah well, at least i still got my running and cycling and now, rugby to take care of those stress.

And i shalt not forget just how much a woman that i've married, gave so much in her life, just to see and make sure that i could get out of all the problems in my life.

i love her. no two ways about it. heck, there shouldn't be any way at all...she's everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Oh ya, my Rugby team is having a good run in the current Selangor League. After 2 weekends, we sorta managed to win both games played on both sundays.

The first match against D'Montel, we won 22 - 05.

Today, we won 41-7.

Lets hope that the winning streaks carry on until the end of the season.

Oh ya, i have a blue balck eye-lid from today's game, some stud marks on my right butt and one each on my foot and calf...pretty cool eh?

king of pain? you bet.


  1. hang on there bro. u r doing well!

  2. stupe, happy chinese new year. May the year of rooster (my year) brings you joy and prosperity =)

  3. doc - thanks...i hope so.

    reta - you talking cock with me?