Friday, February 18, 2005

My Fav Songs...

Wifey got her new ride on Valentine's Day...

And the car comes with a MP3 Player...and guessed who is incharge for the songs collection.

big mistake actually...especially she asking me to compile songs for her...according to my taste...

here is my list, some of them, and happens to be in my Top 10 (in no particular order)

1. Come On Eileen - Dexy Midnight Runner (for the obvious reason that this song has the same pronounciation as my wife's name)

2. Jefferson Starship - Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now (OST from the movie, Manniquien)

3. Michael Jackson - Ben (This song was one of the better song from him, when he was still with Jackson Five)

4. Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (This was my first Disco song when i was growing up, the Bus uncle will blast this song in those huge cassete tape everyday!!! long ago? when i was like 8 years old!)

5. Four Tops - Sugar Pie Honey Bunch ( yes la...i wasn't born still...)

6. Everything from Ol Blue Eye especially - L.O.V.E (Hey, Ol Frank could very well play his songs for the rest of my life)

7. Everything from Elvis A. Presley - No particular fav here, but i dig all his songs, ask me to sing any of them ( i think i'm Elvis reincarnate)

8. OST from American Grafitti - Coming of age movie with young Harisson Ford in it. Loads of top band/singers during that era...can't go wrong with this!

9. OST from Grease - yes, the original Grease... John Yoyota gyrating with Olivia Newton John, that boy could sing!

10. Everything from Paul Anka - The dude that sing Oh! Carol, Diana, Calender Girl, Put Your head on my shoulder, sealed with a kiss...


now, for those that do not know what i'm talking about, chances are, you're born in the mid till late 80's and grew up on Mariah Carey Musicbox Album.


or else...welcome to the CLUB!


  1. my nikampoo likes tunes from bros (?), tyler collins (??),rick price (oklah heard b4). Hehehe... I'm soo the 90's child.

  2. :D

    Bros song that i've learnt to grew up on was PUSH.

    well..that was the only song i could remember them for anyway.

    at the same time, Aerosmith had this album called F.U.C.K

  3. Stupe,

    Great stuff there man...

    Esp Ol' Blue Eyes...