Thursday, February 17, 2005

Namibia In Memories

It's been almost 2 years since i stepped into Namibia and spent like 2 months there fixing up the whole waste water treatment plant for a malaysian based company operating from Namibia.

This garment factory churns out garments for the US/UK market under the brand name like guess?, nike and the like...

here are some photoblogs, remembering those hard 60 days, where my return tickets was cancelled like 6 times, before my flight back home was confirmed.

Namibia Airport
Airport, i spent 4 hours waiting there, because no one came to pick me up...the size is only slightly larger than our Sg Besi Airforce Airbase...hey, whereelse could a 737 stop right infront of the immigration check point?

namibia landscape
i actually only took this pic when i was leaving the country for good. it's barren.

Me Welding at Balancing tank
My first day at work there, had to do it myself and weld the 12 inch stainless steel piping for the air blowers to the balancing tank... it was almost a one man i'm even wondering how i even got it done...

Namibia Parliment
My day off, so i went to the capital, Windhoek (pronounced as Vin-Took), here is a pic of their Parliment. Namibia was colonised by the French, Germans and later was given to UK. They are part of the Commonwealth country. So, it is not surprising to see natives with loads of mixed parentage...

namibia home ministry
Their Home Ministry department. This city is almost dead, even on Sunday. High level of poverty makes even owning a vehicle a luxury. There is a very big gap between the rich and the poor.

AIDS day march
This was to commemorate World Aids Day. Taken from a restaurant where i was enjoying my big piece of steak which cost me like RM5 incl a beer... AIDS in Namibia is at 25% in the city and up to 50% in the Trans-Gobi desert highway...which is made up mostly of dirt road anyway.

me and lady at market
What better way to get to know the local than to visit them at their place of trade? i got a whole bag of beaded necklace made from bones and stones for like kidding...

Then there were a bunch of abroginies doing some culture show, topless...but of course, it is pretty normal for them people to see it, unlike me...what? topless in the city? the only other time i saw it was when i went to hike up Gunung Tahan, along the riverbanks....

And of course...after 2 months there, and making loads of friends with the Malaysians there, i've learnt to guzzle down 5-8 bottles of beer (Castle Lager), which cost like RM 1.25/bottle. Heineken was the most expensive at RM1.75/bottle....this pic showed the amount of beers drank by 3 people....

So..there you go...a lil on the trip, long overdue, as i only found the pics in my home pc like a week ago..thought all the pics were gone after my office got broken in and all PC stolen.


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  1. interesting trip there =) so you don't necessary maintain the plants here but overseas as well... ahhh..... btw that loctor mayat said my site got trojan virus...but i dunno/can't seem to find Anything! pulling my leg?