Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Of Inconsiderate Motorists and Real Estate Agents...

I went down to put parking tickets for my car.

As usual, there will be cars double parking everywhere.

Out of curiousity, i decided to check and see if there was any indication of where the owner may be.

What do all of them have in common, apart from being rich and has no civic conciousness?

They are all real estate agents from the shoplot nearby.

Seriously, season parking in PJ is RM100 per month only. Or they could had just pay RM60 per month and park inside Emerald. It's only 60Sen per hour.

As i'm writing this, someone is honking to get out of their parking, but they can't, because the cars are blocking! Wait, i'll rush down and take video!

here, the bugger was just walking into his car without saying sorry! CAUGHT YA!

oh ya, my blog got worthy mention in this chinese.cari.com.my.

I must had stepped on someone's toe when i posted about confused cars

anyone care to translate???

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