Monday, September 25, 2006

Of Pink Car, Ugly Cars and Eggs...

I was in Melaka last Friday for work.

watch this space's progress

It's good that we managed to secure one project. It's a pumping station to serve 8500PE(Population Equivalent) in KUTKM for next year new intake.

On top of this piece of land will be a sump large enough to cater enough shit the students would dump in their University College compound (provided they do it in the toilet, of course).

But that's not the point of today's second posting.

I've warned you...

I was parking my car for lunch and right next to my car was this monster.

Shocking Pink

The owner has done up the car to the max. I initially thought that this would be anohter wannabe, perhaps, anohter Kancilzilla. Anohter fake.

The owner has changed all the changeable parts to Mira L2/L5 parts complete with Daihatsu's original 14 inch rims. I can't say if this was ugly (would had looked less beng if it's Black or white).

big scoop with real intercooler inside...

The back axle has disc brake fixed...pure stopping power

This is what i call a nicely pimped ride. Nothing ah beng except two things. The colour and the back crystal light! could had just maintained the original lights dude!

And as i finish my lunch, this Kancilzilla took off, with blow-off valve spewing the extra pressure and low rumble from the double pipes behind...3 thumbs up!

Then, later in the evening, i spotted this...


This chap tried too hard. Spoiler that doesn't match the car and 15 inch rims on Kancil? Dude...14 is already pushing it if you aren't turbo-ed. It also came with *custom* lower lips that is so obviously from that (in)famous local tuner (Brothers la!).

how many antenna you need la!?

This kancil has like 5 antennas on the roof. One original nicely tucked inside. One Daihatsu sticking in the middle like what you see on the pink car above, and brace for this... 4 behind, which i supposed are meant for Sat-Nav/TV tuner...sorry, that's 6. S-I-X antennas on this puny cars.

I have a Sat-Nav set given to me by Amir, but hell no, it is only two antenna that was needed, and not 4!!!

If you think this Kancil was trying too hard...see this Iswara below and tell me what is wrong with him...

Seriously...Ferrari sticker and Ralliart mud flap and loud exhaust???

Well, that was until i saw this near 1 Utama on Saturday evening...

Looked pretty stock standard...

That is..until you realised that this chap fixed DOUBLE spoiler for his ride...must be going really fast for him to fix this spoilers on top...


Then, on Sunday morning near home...this sight was a horrible one...

i really rest my case...

Oh ya, not forgeting, how many of you had seen lizard's eggs before?


Well, today is your lucky day!

Looked like moth balls

the one that cracked


FYI, i was merely taking pics of what i saw, some shells were broken, which i suspect the birds ate the content. I did not, i repeat, did not break any of the eggs to see what's inside.

Does it look like the chocs i blog about earlier?

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