Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Snakey Snakeplanations

Remember my posting yesterday on the snake which was recognise as the Paradise Tree Snake?

I Wrote to Hans of Nature Malaysia and he was kind enough to share these info with me and the rest.

The paradise tree snake is not actually a rare snake, even though a few books and people claim it to be so, but it is still a nice find.
The one you had was not a double flower petal pattern, rather a single one. Double flower pattern would have two flowers overlapping, like the one on my website.
If u see any more snakes like these, please catch it for me so I can identify it and use for my breeding programmes.
Im currently breeding some snakes right now.Keep up the good work! I like ur blog.


OK readers, you've been informed. It's not as rare as i thought it was.

Here is a pic of a double petal Paradise.

and here is what i saw last Saturday

OK Hans, if i see it, i will try to catch it ok? i did try lifting it up, but it got startled and tried making it's escape. Infact, i touched it twice and both times, it were defensive.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog and well done on the breeding program! Keep us updated!

Here is a video that i failed to upload yesterday. It shows Puzi climbing and what Damai could offer.

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