Monday, September 04, 2006

Food Hygiene in Dragon-i One Utama.

My family was at One Utama, Dragon-i Restaurant, for dinner yesterday and i joined them halfway when they were enjoying their food.

Their famed "siao long pau" or meat dumpling was at best, normal, compared to Granma's Kitchen in Uptown, which was fresh, succulent and the skin smooth and thin, without being overly flour-ry.
granmas kitchen
Taken from Tracy's Blog.

Taken from Masak-Masak

The noodle was good though but the broth was tasteless, much like bolied water with salt. Their service was great, as the waiter and waitresses couldn't wait to help you clear your empty plates away like they are chasing you out of the place.

The dessert that my sis ordered, which was a double boiled pear and apple with almond was delicious.

However, as we was finishing the sweet condiment, my mum noticed a piece of sticker inside the soup.

At least we know they use real pears...

Just to show this was taken at Dragon-i

And the food they ordered...

My mum called the waitress that served us and complained about this incident. It wouldn't take a genius to know/figure out that they did not wash the fruits before dumping it into the bowl to be double boiled. If not, how else would the sticker still remain there?

The otherwise happy outing (as you can see, my family rarely eats out and yesterday was a treat to everyone) was spoiled.

The waitress hurriedly tries to take the bowl away, but not before i managed to snap the pictures as proof.

End of the day, as we called for the bill, we were given a 10% discount. Now, considering that as a Southern Bank credit card owner, i am entitled to get that 10% discount. But we were too grossed out and was at least expecting that they would strike off the RM6 dessert from the bill. It would had won more heart and encourage us to return.

Going back for more at Dragon-i?

NO, thank you. And that's with a capital F.

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