Thursday, September 28, 2006

Of A Bridge, Evolutions and Karaoke...

Built in 1908, Chan BoonKoon Cheng Bridge (Thanks Lanatir for pointing this out!) that connect Kampung Pantai (which is Old Chinatown) to Jalan Bunga Raya (Also known as new Chinatown). A short Bridge but full of historical value.

Due to its age, the steel bridge was reconstructed in 1963 with a concrete bridge you see today. During the Japanese Occupation of Malacca from 1942 to 1945, it was reported that beheaded heads were placed at the foot of this bridge by the Japanese forces as a warning to the Malacca community against their occupation.

The bridge where history changed

On all 4 end of the bridge, there is a piece of marble plaque in 4 different languages.

The 30kW transformer for my pump house was burnt the morning before. It would be a chore to replace it.

These do not happen all the time. Perhaps i was just unlucky to have this happen before it was handed over to the authority. Roughly, it will cost a few hundreds to get this replaced and a few more to rewire and check for faults. Not exactly cheap, but these incidents do add excitement to my life. Sad ain't it?

The Cap isn't burnt, which is a good thing

And so, while i was taking a breather outside the Pump Station next to the bridge above...i saw this...

Something for the tired eyes...


As i move to the STP at Kota Laksamana and while waiting for my men to come, i chance upon this Waja wannabe Evolution.

what did you see?

I see wiper spoilers, huge bodykit, 205/55/R16 wheels, Shark gill on side fender, bonnet clips...

crystal lights, huge spoiler, loud exhaust and EVOLUTION stickers???

But this top them all la!!!

Brembo brake...cover???


Brader, original looked like this la!!!

And this end note is for you all that think men can't multitask. I'm driving, singing and holding the camera at the same time!

OK, i know it's nothing to be proud of and i'm driving dangerously. Rest assured i was only going at 90km/h on the left lane while i'm doing this and i was driving into the Melaka Overhead Bridge RnR.

Stupe Humperdinck

And for the real you go

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