Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baby Birth, Advert Accuracy, Explorace Final, Flying Cars and Etc.

Firstly...a very happy note, my friend, Steven, and his wife, Fiona, gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.

Baby Isabel came into the world at 3.35pm yesterday. Congrats la brader!

Wifey is now almost 32 weeks pregnant and baby Ryan is now weighing almost 1.6kg the last we saw him. We are getting excited about being parents as well and we just can't wait. Really!

Shen is expecting too this is one more person which i will only reveal once everything is confirmed!


Many should had noticed this advert near Uptown, PJ.

Advert by MYOB...on MYOB!

As you can see, it's clearly a MYOB advert, or Mind Your Own Business software. The guy/chap in the advert is someone i know.

And no, his name is NOT BENNY AW and he is NOT 46.

But at least they are right though, he is a Mechanic.

see, i told you

He has been my mechanic for many many years. One of the more trustworthy person i know when it comes to car (apart from the late Ah Yoong of course) and although his charges might be RM5 to RM10 more than the next mechanic, the comfort zone is that he would not charge you things, or change things you do not need to.

So far, only one case of complains that i've recieved from people i've reccommended. But since it was a continental car and he couldn't get the ECU fixed, that was where the extra charges came from.

But all else, he is reliable! So, if you ever need a mechanic, hop on over to Damansara Perdana and search for Economechanix near the going to be completed Ritze Perdana. Tell him that Lim (that's me) reccomended! (and no, i don't get free services there).

Anyway, i asked him why the name and age are different and his excuse was that he was SHY and do not want people to know that it's him. With that kinda of face, who won't recognise you? Hahahahahah!!!

I asked if he is using MYOB, he say he is. I suspect that is part of the whole agreement for them to use his photo. So, now, my mechanic is now more famous than me!

Talking about being famous, tonight is the final of Explorace Season 3. Yeap, final episode. Infact, as i am writing this, there will be a prize giving ceremony to the winners of Explorace Season 3 winner at 2.30pm at TV3 today. Yes, i'll be there to take more pics and by tomorrow, i'll post it up, if i could, as i would be in Melaka in the morning, if not, then watch it tonight at 9.30pm on TV3 for the absolute last episode of Explorace!

The final 3 teams that will slog it out at Sungai Petani Tonight

And to prove to some racist buggers(check message #135 and #146 by Wordlife which is one of the senior forumers in that forum...) that Explorace 3 contestants aren't even talking about race(as in racial issues) and only about the races(as in the Explorace races)...

Here a video of us having fun in Sungai Petani...

In the van to town...

Maybe just one more to convince we didn't kill each other...

Public transport!!!!

And since we are all talking about mechanics, public transport in Sg. Petani and ride in the van and all...this is just to prove that Malaysians are never short of eye candy in the form of ugly cars, here are more proof i've gathered over the past 2 days in KL and JB.

winner of all fugly car, can afford to modify, can't afford to paint!


Not only it was fitted with ugly "crystal" lights (err..the Ah Bengs call them crystal because they are clear), the roof rack was couldn't even take any load, the Daihatsu sticker, the Move sticker and some japanese sticker which i'm sure the owner doesn't know what's written on it. Not shy ah?

how about the front? he missed out the air scoop...

Then, of course, there was one Satria parked right infront of this confused Kenari... not sure who is uglier though...

ultra lowered, good for scraping bumps and potholes

Oh ya, noticed that it did have a spoiler? noticed the 3 holes covered with bolts on top? maybe he is waiting for his customised GT wings.

yeah, now Vin Diesel would be peeing in his pants...

Wah...lifted bonnet in lieu of air scoop...

The stickers did give him/her some 10hp the word "RACING" there wor!

What idiot!

And of course, the kenari above certainly thinks his spoiler would allow him to zig zag in and out of LDP from the Bridge all the way to St. Ignitius Church like Shoemaker. Speed so fast also i still catch him at the traffic backlog near the church...he was even overtaking cars on the left hand side near Kelana Puteri to go up the ramp! ought to be banned from driving!

And jsut to prove that JB folks too are very talented...this was taken in JB near the Kulai exit...

Complete stripes, fiber GT wings, half tinted windows, huge air press, 17inch rims on ultra low profile tyres, stickers claiming it has ICE installed and multiple door's rubber to prevent denting of the car next to you when you park......try to beat it, you worthless KL Tuners!!!

Well done la Macha, you score big points for putting like 4 dent buster on each of your door!!!

This song is dedicated to you all car modifier la...this must be your theme song.

wanna encore?

I better try to stop noticing the ugly cars around town...

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