Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Of Ryan's 32nd Week and Phiten...

Just got back from Dr. Raman's place.

He has a new toy to play with. A General Electric Voluson 730 Expert Ultrasound machine.

Could do 3D,4D imagining and comes with touch screen!

OKOK, Without further delay, here you go, Ryan boy in all his 1.95kg glory.

Below are the 3D images...

These are 2D's...

Looking at the above pics, you know what they say about big balls and big feet eh? ;-)

Anyway, baby is fine, infact, looking great. At 32weeks and weighing close to 2kg, or almost 4.4pound and almost 17 inch long. At this rate, we might be expecting a 8lb baby...

Nothing to worry about, really. :)

We've also asked the doctor about contractions and how do we know if wifey is going into labor. He explained and we listened.

Baby's movement is now more of moving in waves, rahter than kicking, obviously the room inside the womb is getting smaller and he is trying to squeeze out every single space he could. This has resulted in wifey not being able to rest well at night.

Her hand's tendonsititis has gone from worse to bad. So, yesterday, under her guidance and instead of wearing the Phiten to sleep on her neck, she wrapped it around her wrist.

This morning, she told me that the pain was not painful and it was very very bearable. That is compared to the other days when any slight movement would cause her to cringe.

We are so going to get the sports bracelet. If only Phiten could sponsor us one, that would be a great marketing thingy for them to sell to pregnant women!

So Phiten Malaysia, what say you?

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