Friday, September 29, 2006

Genting Night Attack - One of those crazy things in life...

It's gonna happen again.

Since last year's Fasting month, the Light and Easy gang has been doing Genting every week without fail.

This year is of no different.

Tonight, at 9.30pm, starting from the RnR at the bottom of the hill, some of us will be riding up Genting for a cool change. We will be armed with the brightest lights and the slowest bikes.

This is also for Zabil and his quest to climb Mtn. Aconcagua, a part of PRIDE project. Here is one of the climber's Blog.

Here is a real life account from people that has succeeded in it: Here

So, since i won't be able to blog about it until Monday and i want to give this Mobile Blogging a try, so, click on to:

Remember to click it tonight for some updates whenever i can.


I promise i won't cam whore as much!

Speaking of which, yesterday, me and Wifey went out for a a dinner. It was for one of our many anniversaries. Don't ask which one, i can't remember as well! So, here are some food to tempt my Muslim friends...stay strong y'all!

BBQ Ranch Burger...if only Big Mac is like these!

Monterey Chicken...very consistent!

By the way, my button pop open without i realise it! It might be because the shirt shrunk or i'm getting fatter! hahahahaha!!!

Only thing is i'm not Green like Hulk!

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