Monday, September 04, 2006

Paradise Tree Snake

On Saturday, me and buddies were at Damai, climbing.

Damai Cave at Kampung Damai, Gombak. Image from ourreallybigadventure. THANK YOU!

The excitement wasn't seeing Spiderman Puzi doing all the routes as if it was nothing to him, but, rahter, it was the sighting of a snake.

Yes, A Snake. Just a snake.

I decided to write/blog about this snake as Vicky told me this is a rare Flying Snake. Yes, FLYING!

It is anohter variant which is known as Paradise Tree Snake, or Chrysopelea paradisii (Yes, getting technical here).

The snake was pencil thin, ok, maybe Gel pen thin. Very rich in colour and very very beautiful, i could almost hear Steve Irwin's commentory as i was taking the pics of this creature.

There is a few website dedicated to this snake. One of them is at our own Malaysian Website and anohter is at Naturia.

There is a whole dissertation written for this creature as well!! Thank you Jake!

As if seeing this snake in it's natural habitat wasn't good enough, Mr. Paradisii decided to show us how he would eat up a whole gecko...

The snake finished it's lunch and went on to hang about in some tree branches, obviously contended with the large 

Here is a short 3gp file of the snake...i tried touching it, but it seems it's a very very sensitive snake, refusing any human contact...

The Video Link

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