Friday, October 06, 2006

Cats Whiskers Subang

What do you know?

In 7 years, Cats Whiskers has opened anohter branch. This time in Section 15 Subang.

They started off humbly in Sri Hartamas and has since opened their second branch in Damansara Perdana and then followed by the one in Bangsar.

This branch in Subang Section 15 is a natural progression for the girls from Cats.

So where is it exactly?

It's on the same row as McD at Sect 15 Subang, between the two Maybank and just a walk away from the RHB bank. You won't miss it as it is brightly lit. The soon to be opened laundry shop called will be opened below their lot.

Here is a lil bit of history.

The business was a brainchild of one woman, which went through ups and downs before the shop name is known for affordability and goof fashion sense.

The name Cats Whiskers has nothing to do with the shop having any cats, or they uses cat's whiskers to paint them. It is actually refering to the plant Misai Kucing or Orthosiphon Stamineus.

The Cats Whiskers - Healing, Beautiful, Therapeutic, just like the shop

OK, they had ONE cat before.


Some local celebrities has also seen shopping in any of the 3 existing branches, with some of them prefering certain branch over the others. Perhaps it's the cosy feel that the shop gave with it's pink wall, bright lightings and wide varieties of clothings and accessories that has drawn a steady flow of regular customers. One of them that even uses the clothes from Cats in one of her album was Amy Mastura. No, she paid for the clothes!

They are also widely publicised in the local women and girlie magazines. At one time, they were so widely publicised, one of the magazine editor actually asked them if they pay their fashion writers to use their clothes!

Items are updated almost every other week and they has since came up with their own label and design.

Just like any other business, nothing is without it's own story. The current set up consist of 3 friends that known each other way back from primary school, or longer (They are all from Assunta)

The synergy amongst the existing partners was as such that no amount of disagreement could hinder them from agreeing with each other in the end of the day.

Rock Solid!

Others got to climb the mountain!

Competition is stiff nowadays with loads of new boutique opening and some trying to emulate and copy the whole concept of Cats Whiskers altogehter. People that knows about Cats existence and suddenly seeing anohter shop with the same colour scheme and set up would be utterly surprise, thinking it's anohter extension of Cats Whiskers.

And just like what Charles Caleb Colton would say, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Having to face the ever changing taste of customers and also the barage of competitors, including one that was set up by 3 of their former branch managers, they took it all in their stride.

And so, Ladies, may i present to you, some snapshots of Cats Whiskers in Subang.

The Greetings

The inside of the Subang shop

The Whites...

The Blacks...

The accessories

And of course...

The babes...

Here is the list of the shops as of today:

# 34-1, Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur (above Pills & Potions pharmacy) Tel: 2300 1264
# 22-2, Jln PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana, P. Jaya (opposite The Place, Damansara Perdana) Tel: 7728 5662
# 7-1, Jln Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur (opposite La Bodega Restaurant) Tel: 2282 7317
# 32A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500, Subang Jaya (Same row as McDonalds) Tel: 56383520

Opening Hours:
Mondays till Saturdays: 12.00noon till 9.00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays :10.00am till 7.00pm

They have a mailing list as well for updated items update: HERE!

Before i sign off for this entry, here i present to you, Karoline in a very feminine and demure looking dress which she wore to the shop yesterday (i usually see her in thighs and race attire only)

Guys, she is active, fun, pretty, smart and above all, she is very single! Apply within!

She Swim, Bike, Run, Climb and now Body Board as well!

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