Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ryan's 34th Week

Over the past 2 weeks, Ryan has put on a good 500gram or more. From 1.95kg at week 32, he is now officially tipping the scale at 2.59kg.

At week 32, he is a good 16 inch tall and now, he is an 17.5 inches. A newborn are usually about 21inch tall. At this rate, he would be growing at about 1 inch every week!!! His heartrate is a healthy 140bpm.

He is now causing wifey sleepless nights as seems to be active after dusk. Moving (much like swimming, cycling and running) inside his mother's womb. It's fun and nice to see him does what seems to be somersault inside wifey. In short, it felt like a miracle.

Everything is good and baby is in good size and all vitals are normal. We spoke to the doctor about natural or C-section birth and at this point of writing, wifey do not need to go through C-Section as her placenta is not low anymore. However, if the baby breach above 3.2kg in the next 4 weeks time, chances are, we might have to look into C-Section.

Then, we found out from Dr. Yap (and i found out she is batchmate of Dr. P) that there will be a Ob/Gyn conference from November 5th till 10th. Which essentially, could be when the baby decide to come out.

As wifey approaches week 37, which is also known as medically "to term", this meant the date would coincide with the Conference. Fret not, as Dr Raman later came in (he was super busy today, so, we don't mind seeing Dr. Yap) and reassured us that everything would be taken care of when wifey is to be in labour.

We still can't see Ryan's face as yet, his hands are covering his face and the umbilical cord are also casting shadows over the face, making 3D imagines not possible. But one thing that even Dr. Yap jested about...

"There, his balls...fully decended"

Yeap..that's what he'll do!


Ryan is fully facing down now towards the cervix opening. As for the size and worrying if he will come out when all our 3 doctors would be handling conferences, my mum has these to say

"You can't tell him to stop growing or tell him when to come out la!"

Mother know best, even when she knows she would be upgraded to be granma soon.

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