Friday, October 06, 2006

Asam Pedas Muar (Tanjung)

What Malaysian couldn't escape is food. Well, lately, it has been HAZE. But i'm not gonna touch on the HAZY issue here today.

Since now is the fasting month. There are tonnes of Pasar Ramadan going on around and about town and basically, the whole country.

Lemang, Nasi Himpit, Rendang, Kari, Kuih, Cendol, name it, you'll get it!

But today, i want to tell you all about Asam Pedas Muar...


A lil bird told me that her mum would be selling this delicious looking dish today at Pasar Ramadan at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail starting at 3pm.

This is in her own words:

my mum is a pure budak muar...and this asam pedas has always been a family specialty...from great granny to might be able to pick up the scent when you walk around...

There will be a sign that says ASAM PEDAS MUAR (TANJUNG) and it the stall would be infront of the parking lot where Secret Recipe TTDI is.

According to her, the fish (Tenggiri or Mackerel) is so fresh that if you want any fresher, you had to catch it yourself.

OK, maybe that's pushing it, but the bird did tell me she and her mum was in Selayang Wholesale Market at 2.30am yesterday to get the best fish for this dish.

I'll go get myself some today if i could.

By the way, today is MOONCAKE Festival day.

It's the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month in the chinese calender. This also mark the mid point of fasting month and Raya will be in slightly more than 2 weeks from now!

So to all Malaysians, Happy Mooncake Festival and Happy Breaking Fast today!!! (with halal mooncake and Asam Pedas Muar of course!)

Click here for some Mooncake pics!!! HERE

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