Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Know You Are Getting Old...

I might be biologically 30 this year.

But over the span of 2 years, i realised my memory aren't that good anymore.

I am planning to sell my Kancil that had served me for a good 6 years (coming 7). I checked the car registration card and was never more proud that i've since fully paid up the car since last year September. The car is mine, unlike some of those young yuppies that zoom around in Beemer 3 Series or even the Suzuki Swift...the car still belongs to the bank, for them at least!

Damn proud...My car belongs to me, not the bank!

Upon closer inspecton on the insurance cover note, i realised something was wrong...

Insurance cover last dated on 20th September...

Something really really wrong.

are you stupid or what?

Yeap. I did it again. Twice this year. First time was my driving license which expired like 1 month and i was still driving like nothing even happened.

My first reaction was to sms Bandit.

"Welcome to fatherhood", was his reply to me being absent minded.

It's unlike me. Wifey wanted to open a champange to celebrate as i'm always known to be on my toes about these issues, especially where law and order are concerned. I once chided about the car parked next to me at home where her roadtax was expired for at least a month before she realised it when she sent her car for servicing.

What comes around, goes around...

So, from the 20th September until Today, i've been down to Melaka 3 times, once to Genting, driving around town like nothing happened, went through 3 roadblocks, got saman by MBPJ once and i was totally oblivious about my car road tax being expired.

Hero or what?

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