Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh MY..what do VI have here?

Yeap, a fugly MYVI.

The owner should had just keep the car stock standard.

Rice Rice Baby...

The pseudo Passo rear bumper was dead ugly.

The paintwork was worse, reminding me of the bad painjob that proton does to their Satria which claims to be Red, but actually is Pink (from over exposure of the cars under the UV rays).

Ah beng tuner?

The bodywork was bad. Notice the warping and inconsistent gap?

The front was as ugly with oversized front bumper which make the whole car looked like a mutated frog ( or the irritating crazy frog).

Infact, the workmanship was so bad upfront that there were huge gaps enough to make you think the car just had an accident between the side fender and the bumpers!

wassup with the leopard print up front and in the back???

This car is one truly nice car gone wrong.


Here is a bonus pic i grabbed from Sri Hartamas yesterday.

The original spoiler doesn't contribute to the aerodynamics, hence....

you got to fix one that is *stick on* to enhance the aerodynamics!

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