Thursday, October 05, 2006

National Blender MX-T3GN

Today i'm gonna write about this old blender which my parents gave to me a couple of days ago.

It's still in it's shrink wrap and never been opened.

like a virgin....

I suspect this was the blender which my parents bought about 13 years ago, in 1990's when the old blender failed. But because repair was possible, the older blender, which is by now, a good 20 years old, is still in service and never thrown away!

A quick check on the internet revealed there is one model with same name and one more with same design. Trust the chinese to cut and paste worldwide products.


This is MX-T2GN

This is MX-T3GN

Opening this box's shrink wrap was like opening some time capsule. I felt myself being transformed back to the early 90's...

ol-skool wei...

The waranty card has the now Panasonic Malaysia Berhad listed as National Malaysia Berhad. The address is the same and the phone number is 7 digit. So, my guess is that it's from the early 90's.

And so, like a small boy, i pulled open the cardboard cover of the blender.

Everything is like it was packed yesterday. Still damn brand new, though the colour of the main unit was a lil off white already. So, what's the next step? To test it of course! Since this unit do come with a so called circuit breaker, any untowards incident like tripping of the main DB box of my unit or the whole condo would be greatly eliminated. So is threat of electrocution of causing a high rise inferno.

Blender Test Dummy

So, i cut 6 oranges, 1 apple and 1 pear. About the only fruits left in the fridge after i ate half a watermelon, half a rockmelon and some dates.

after that, pour in 400ml of water...

Put the cover on, and fire up the blender...


The blender could take up 1 liter of liquid and so, i max it out with the 8 fruits. The consistency is damn thick!

Nice colour...

I chilled the juice immediately and cleaning up of the unit was a breeze. Fruit jucing with the pulps would be a mainstay for now. Time to go stock up on those granny smith that cost RM10 for 30 fruits!


And just like the old corny advert to show how reliable National are....

Me love you long time...

Do you know which song were playing in my mind when i was doing the blending? listen to it!

Can make ICE KACANG now...

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