Monday, October 23, 2006

Ryan - 36 weeks and beyond...

"You decide if you need Epidural when it's 3cm", Dr. Raman told me and wifey as asked him about pain management during delivery.

Baby Ryan is in good shape, weighing in at about 2.3kg now and about 18 inches tall.

"Good size, nothing to worry about", Dr Yap said.

It's assuring to have 2 specialist inside the room to give their views. Infact, Dr. Raman and Dr. Yap will be giving a joint talk during the first FIGO seminar in Malaysia. For the benefits of the others that think i'm refering to Fido Dido, it's actually Federation of International Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Cool dude...

I was abit alarmed when i found out Ryan lost some weight from 2.6 to 2.3 now. But i guess it's variation in the machine used as the previous check up at 34th weeks was an older 3D machine of a different make.

We also asked about the arrangement for hospital and all and was Dr. Raman told us that he has every intention to give us a submission letter, all we need to do is bring the letter, a change of clothes for the mummy and baby. The delivery room is meant for one mother only and i was given the green light to be in the ROOM.

OK, that meant, there will be LIFE update! Provided of course if i manage to set my Lifelogger account to accept and show my uploads....

We were told that everything is at very good condition and baby has engaged, meaning, heads down and moving lower.

Contraction will be felt every 10 minutes or so and for first child, it would take longer and that would give ample time for either Dr. Raman or Dr. Yap to be with us when the time comes.

LIke i said above, both of them are involved actively in this year's FIGO seminar, hence, i am telling Ryan NOT to come out so soon and stick to the given date, or just stick to my birthday on the 13th November ;-)

That would be great, ain't it? To share my birthday with my first kid!


Happy holiday all!

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