Monday, June 14, 2004

Blardy Idle

This is what you get when you have to work with NON OPs.


it will be a wonder if i could just give him HELL.

He is making my life hell...

1. Driving at 90km/h at 110km/h stretch
2. Refused to pay full toll prices and rahter pay RM4.70 than RM5.10 from PJ to Putrajaya. This is done by Exiting at the Hicom Intersection (RM2.70), then pay at LDP Puchong Barat (RM1.00) and LDP Puchong Selatan (RM1.00).
3. Rahter just drink coffee in meeting than help out to separate some BQ from the tender documents.

All the 3 items above was done when we were late for meeting by 30 minutes. Did i tell you he was whistling all the way when driving from PJ to Putrajaya and almost took the Serdang/kajang junction.

3. Didn't press/iron his shirt.
4. Didn't introduce his date to any of us.
5. Took the best seat in the table without even offering it to his boss, and his intermediate boss.
6. Didn't even polish/clean his leather shoes before wearing them.
7. Took the last piece/bit on the plate without asking if anyone else wants it.
8. Pushed OP SC-Chairman away. Can't he even just say EXCUSE ME SIR?

All 4 items above was done during the OPA Dinner. Where is the manners?

8. Didn't clear the post box before entering the office.
9. Dumped all the Tender Documents on the table without properly arranging them.
10. Placed 4 copies of Who's Where all over the Table.
11. NO Initiative to get work done. It took him 4 phone calls to ask 4 different questions that should be asked in one phone call. (yeahla, who else probe him what to do? ME la.)
12. Didn't refill the paper at the FAX machine, resulting in all the incoming faxes being jumbled and mixed up. And guess who is having a hard time separating 10 different set of Letter of Award with all the Clauses?
13. Kept chatting online in MSN and Yahoo when there is things to be done. (refer to item No. 1 and 2)

If he is from RMC...i am sure he knows better than to let me list the 13 items above.

Blardy Idle.

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