Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wedding Pics Galore

as per requested...


The girls which enjoy torturing me...
pic by Norman

we were made to sing...i f-ed up "you mean everything to me" lyric went haywire...definately NOT Paul Anka's material but ABSOLUTELY better than MAWI.
pic by Wilson

parents place
At my parent's place...we looked like we came from the olden days, ain't it? The Kua Aileen is wearing originated from Eng Choon, a hokkien village in Xiamen. Can't get anymore authentic than this!
pic by Lanatir

the bride, the groom, the buddies and the babes.
pic by norman

Waiting in church for people to come's pic oppurtunities with my bestmen and lady!
pic by Norman

The Flower Girl, my cousin. Some say i posed as if it's GQ's magazine...hahahahahahaha
pic by Lanatir

can't get anymore Muhibbah than this...Indian, Chinese, Malay, mix races, confused races...Malaysians!!!!
pic by norman

iqbal ring
Iqbal holding the ring as my bestman, to be blessed by Father Simon Le Broy
pic by Lanatir

can kiss the bride la, but no tongue action okaaaay!!!
pic by Wilson

After church with my closer friends... Thank you all!!!
pic by norman

here, looking at cha!
pic by my sis, Ee-Svun!

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