Wednesday, December 15, 2010

IronMan Western Australia 2011 : SOLD OUT

All within 4hours 20minutes of opening for registration. I guessed it is not meant to be for me in 2011.
I was tempted to sign up, but by committing to the AUD695 (or almost RM1.5K), that would meant i would need to have enough financial mean to pay for the remaining logistics. This has always been a major hindrance for amateur athletes in Malaysia. For those that could afford it, the expenses are always very well calculated and saved; some even took years to re-pay the credit card debt.

My salute to those that had made those sacrifices, monetary wise.

Guess it will be 2012 then. Until then, keep moving forward!


  1. bro, we go in 2012. i want to go again, just not next year.

    race registration opens at 7am, so next year, we wait by the computer at 6:55am. open only, whack! what say you?

  2. I was in the dilemma too until both Sofian and Kevin continue to pester and poison me. Guess my kid's university funds has to wait :S

    Btw, the registration fee is equivalent to RM 2200.

  3. Perfectionist - WOW! RM2.2K??? Envious that you, Sofian and Kev has signed up, again!

  4. sorry to hear that!
    We support by givin u more "adv.." ok!

  5. Call me mah. I offer 'pinjam 1000, dapat 1000' business.